Most frequently asked questions and answers

No. We are primarily a social network built around your music streaming service. We currently support Spotify, Apple Music & Youtube.

In addition to the social layer, we also provide a feed free interface to interact with your music library. The recommendation engine is run by us, while the music still plays via your streaming service.

Lishash is the feeling of letting all go, and being your raw, vulnerable, emotional self. 

Our mission is to create mediums of raw emotional expression in today’s increasingly logical world, and help us connect to our human side.

Being invite only for us is a design choice, not just a growth or exclusivity strategy.

Our main value proposition is the amazing community of music lovers on our platform, and to ensure that the quality stays high we remain invite only.

How often have you not been able to make a choice when you opened the home page of an app and saw a bunch of playlist recommendations? The main problem we solve is choice overload.

Instead of giving you options, Lishash gives you control via filters.

We don’t force you to choose your journey in the beginning, and get tied to it. You create your journey while listening to music with filters.