Let's get back to our roots...

We are living in the times of unprecedented freedom, and choices. We might feel that this makes a happier society, but ironically the opposite happens a lot of times. Happiness sprouts from satisfaction, but choosing between so many options inherently leads to a sense of missing out, and we spend more time selecting the optimal things, than actually enjoying them! Where is the satisfaction here? And without satisfaction, how are we happy?

Let’s not be a slave of our choices… Let’s not waste our precious lives planning the best future… Let’s immerse ourselves in the present, and celebrate each moment to the fullest! 

Let’s get back to our roots…

Our team

Prathyusha Barre

Ml & Dev-Ops

I am incharge of data at Lishash. Music is a constant companion in my life, and understanding how machines can empower us to identify novel patterns in music is my passion. I also love give back to our society through education.

Aditya Ramesh

Full Stack

I am Lishash’s all-rounder, and take care of everything from designing new social features, to building data ingestion pipelines. Learning is my passion, and I love to explore the unknown. I am also a dope-ass electronic music producer.

Akshay Kumar U

Full Stack

I deeply believe in using technology to bring profound changes in human behaviour for our world’s greater good. Currently, I primarily focus on UI development, and real-time communication patches on the backend.

I have been really fortunate to visit many beautiful countries, and cultures, to make friends from all over the world, to study in one of the the best institutions in the world, to basically get everything I ever wanted, and then I asked myself, What Next? 

Did all the this make me happy? NO. What makes me happy is lying down on my father’s lap, and he massages my hair. I feel joy when I see my mom smile. The simplest things in life, are often the most beautiful. We can’t feel content by chasing the best life; life’s magic happens when we surrender ourselves to the present, and enjoy what we have!

Lishash is my heartfelt effort to propagate this feeling, through tech, in the entire world! 


Shashwat Singhal

Founder, CEO