Filter. Share. Let All Go!

Unprecedented Filtering Power

Play only This

Want to listen to a particular artist? Put a filter only their songs will play! Filter artists, albums, genres, instruments, languages or even tags.

Don't Play This

Bored of a certain genre? Just block it, and it will not play again in your current session.


Filter music based on how happy or sad it is. Specify any range between very happy - very sad. eg. Happy - Neutral.

Loudness / Speechiness

Filter music based on empirical music features like loudness, and speechiness. Specify any range. eg. in picture.


Filter music based on how touching a track is. Ranges go from very funny / badass - Touching / Moving / Soulful.

PopularIty / Release Date

Easily filter music based on how popular it is, or when it was released. Again, any range can be specified.

Filters Meet Friends

Share music seamlessly

Sharing music with friends has never been easier!

See what your friends might like, share with them, and have a messaging thread for each individual track.

Never again lose track of what your friends shared, and don’t let your different streaming services hinder your flow. With Lishash, your communication never stops.

Make genuine connections

Lishash is your place to let all go, and be your raw, vulnerable, emotional self.

Get connected to new friends by your existing friends, with an icebreaker, or meet new people based on similar interests.

No profile pictures, no gender bias. Let music speak the truth.

Filter Friend Recommendations

Even friends can be filters in Lishash. You can only listen to a particular friends suggestions, or block them. 

If no filters are applied, we play a mix of your friend suggestions, and algorithmic recommendations automatically.

Let All Go

Tap & Play

No endless feed of choices.

Just tap play, and get a magical mix of your favourite tracks, friends suggestions, and unheard music.

Tap & Play

No endless feed of choices.

Just tap play, and get a magical mix of your friend recommendations, favourite music, and unheard tracks.

Real-Life Group Sessions

Chilling with friends? Can’t decide what to listen to? Never again waste your precious time together, searching and scrolling; our algorithms will recommend music that all of you love, personalised for each context!

Unlimited Discovery

Combine filters, with a combination of several music modes like discover, and organic, to go on an expedition of unlimited exploration. Never again get stuck listening to same, popular music, again and again.

Symphony of music, friends & AI.

Today’s amazing tech has given us so many choices that it actually becomes a barrier in enjoying life. Fulfilment does not stem out of options, but satisfaction. Lishash is a manifestation of this insight.

Through our browsing-free, social music platform we are fundamentally changing the way we humans interact with music, and each other.

The Tech Monks

Lishash means harmony. We, as a community, are deeply inspired by the idea of balance between technology’s intelligence, and human instinct.

All tech today is aimed at making our lives more optimal, and ensuring a better future, but our dream is a society that cherishes each moment to the fullest, and celebrates the synergy between ambition, and satisfaction.

Our team

Akshay Kumar U

Full Stack Developer

I deeply believe in using technology to bring profound changes in human behaviour for our world’s greater good. Music is an integral part of my life. I love Flutter, and have presented in several conferences. Currently, I am pursuing a CS undergrad course, and primarily focus on Lishash’s UI development.

Krishnanand VP

Full Stack Developer

I am a CS Undergrad with an ardent love for technology. Learning new stuff and building cool things that matter is what I do. I spent most of my time reading, coding or listening to music and also occasionally play my guitar. I am a full stack developer who loves Flutter and Go.

I have been really fortunate to visit many beautiful countries, and cultures, to make friends from all over the world, to study in one of the the best institutions in the world, to basically get everything I ever wanted, and then I asked myself, What Next? 

Did all the this make me happy? NO. What makes me happy is lying down on my father’s lap, and he massages my hair. I feel joy when I see my mom smile. The simplest things in life, are often the most beautiful. We can’t feel content by chasing the best life; life’s magic happens when we surrender ourselves to the present, and enjoy what we have!

Lishash is my heartfelt effort to propagate this feeling, through tech, in the entire world! 


Shashwat Singhal

Founder, Chief Emotive Officer

Right Music
at the
Right Time...

Why we listen to music, and what we listen changes based on several factors like where we are, what we are doing, what time it is etc.

Choosing from a bunch of genres, and big playlists smashed on our faces, every single time, is surprisingly hard. This either leads to listening to the same music again and again, or going on an infinite scrolling loop…

With Lishash’s context aware, no playlist approach, get the right music at the right time…

Real Life
Real People
Real Music

Everything in life is going online, but there is something absolutely magical about people with the same passion coming together, to celebrate life, that can simply not be replicated virtually. 

Lishash is not just about the virtual life, we are your companion whenever you want go out, explore our beautiful world, it’s amazing people, and it’s mesmerising rhythm. 

Discover, host, and attend, mesmerising experiences to celebrate this gift we call life. 

The greatest good you’re ever gonna get.

Engaged Fans

Every person that is invited to attend your performance will already be your superfan, who loves you and cares for your music. No more noisy crowds talking over you.

No Gatekeepers

Your content decides who discovers you, not curators. Our filters, and novel friend suggestion approach ensure that your music organically reaches the right people.

Fair Money

We don’t exploit you in the name of exposure. You get to share majority of the profits from each event, and can perform in as many events as you like, whenever you like.

Creative Freedom

Stop worrying about marketing, and playlist spots, and just create the best music of your life. Create art from your heart, and Lishash will make sure you get an audience.

Host Incredible Experiences

Invite your favourite independent musicians to perform at your space, making magical moments with your loved ones, and fellow Lishashers. 

Make money while doing so! You get to keep a portion of the profit generated by the event, while majority is shared with the artists. They get passionate fans, and you get to support them in their starting days.

Express your unique style in each event, and be a pioneer in this revolution!

Meet New People Organically

We have hundreds of social media connections, but how many of them can we call friends in real life?

At Lishash, you don’t become friends by scouting through profiles, and sending requests. You create connections when your existing friends refer you to someone, based on your common music tastes.

You might only have a dozen friends on Lishash, but you’ll form a deep meaningful connection with them, while being your true self 🙂

Let's get back to our roots...

We are living in the times of unprecedented freedom, and choices. We might feel that this makes a happier society, but ironically the opposite happens a lot of times. Happiness sprouts from satisfaction, but choosing between so many options inherently leads to a sense of missing out, and we spend more time selecting the optimal things, than actually enjoying them! Where is the satisfaction here? And without satisfaction, how are we happy?

Let’s not be a slave of our choices… Let’s not waste our precious lives planning the best future… Let’s immerse ourselves in the present, and celebrate each moment to the fullest! 

Let’s get back to our roots…


Most frequent questions and answers

Lishash is the feeling of letting all go, and being your raw, vulnerable, emotional self. 

Our mission is to create mediums of raw emotional expression in today’s increasingly logical world, and help us connect to our human side.

Lishash stems from the love story of a very driven ambitious guy, and a simple, content, emotional girl.

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No. We are a social music platform.

The playback, and streaming is handled by your favourite streaming service. We currently support Spotify, Apple Music & Youtube, on Android.

We help you filter, and share your music with friends seamlessly, and meet people with similar music tastes, and form genuine emotional connections with them. 


Think of it like this:

Linkedin => Professional Network

Tinder/Bumble => Dating People

Lishash => Being raw, and forming emotional connections with people, via music

You can’t see the names and pictures of strangers. Only their music, and emotions are on display.

How often have you not been able to make a choice when you opened the home page of an app and saw a bunch of playlist recommendations? The main problem we solve is choice overload.

Instead of giving you options, Lishash gives you control via filters.

We don’t force you to choose your journey in the beginning, and get tied to it. You create your journey while listening to music with filters.